Monday, 2 March 2009

Work Related Learning // WRL // Session 2

It was our second session for the WRL unit and hallelujah my peers turned up, which was good as we all get on well and the majority of us have the same interests. We basically went through what I had done in the previous session but in more depth. This is what I brought away from the meeting;

  1. Look at high level companies as well as independent small companies.
  2. Broaden my views on the creative world.
  3. Look at how the business is run.
  4. How do they bring in clients.
  5. How do they settle on a price.
  6. Make sure I attend all portfolio reviews.
  7. Always take your portfolio along to the companies if they agree.
Relevant names:
Laura Walker - Old Vizcom Student
Jonny Whelles - Old Vizcom Student
Stevie Boxall - Old Vizcom Student
Martin Coyne
Eden Frankem - Started his own business
Claire Blackmore - Paintworks. (Talk 23rd March)
Hamish someone - Octavo
Luke Lobbley - Wonderland Magazine
Jeremy Prescott - Gate Worldwide
Steve Gordon - Careers Advice (

ALWAYS MAKE A PLAN!! Thorough research and planning is needed.
Write down what you initial career plan is and do a personal brainstorm on what you would like to get out of this unit.

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