Monday, 29 September 2008

29th September 08

The first day back was a welcomed one, by the end of summer I just wanted to get back to doing some creative work and get my teeth into a nice big project. It was a fairly usual first day; catching up with classmates, a welcome back and introduction to the second year from the tutors and later in the day, enrollment. We also got given our first brief - PPRD2. The set-up to PPRD2 is a little different to last year and the aim for it is to make us employable in the future, enabling us to pursue the career we want. This year is about establishing yourself, your personality, your creativeness, your identity. By doing this you are preparing yourself for the not too distant future.

The ways in which I am going to achieve this is to look beyong the course, find work elsewhere, if it be live briefs or odd freelance work. Building my portfolio and designing my CV to the highest standard is one of my top priorities this year.

PPRD2 Requirements -

  • Complete a progress file (Diary, Digital Blog)
  • Build up your Portfolio and create your CV
  • Enter Live Briefs and Competitions
  • Prepare for the London based End of Year Show
Overall I think this looks like it's going to be an exciting and adventurous final year, so as they say...Bring it on!


My summer started really well, thanks to the success of my work placement at Lime Green Creative Services Agency. For two weeks I worked with a small talented team at a fairly new design company, and when I say small, it only consists of two directors. It went very well and I was offered a possible future position with the company. I have stayed in contact with the company throughout the summer and worked there for another three weeks a couple of weeks before returning to Uni. Whilst there, I worked on designs for many major global companies, including LG, Emirates Banking and Ogier, as well as a few local Jersey companies. By working in the design industry recently, it has got me back into the swing of things and has made sure I am not rusty on my skills for the start of the second year of the course. This I believe, will benefit me in the long run.