Friday, 6 March 2009

Reverse (Live Brief)

I was approached by Becky O'Neil who is studying a BA in Photography. Their final show was to be called 'Reverse' and they wanted a logo doing. They had previous logos created yet they were not happy with them and wanted a few ideas in order to move on. I had a meeting that lasted about an hour with Becky and together we came up with many different logos, here is a collection of the most successful ones.

As I had just used this font on my personal website I thought I would give it ago with the Reverse logo. It has a nice look and feel to it yet photography usually tends to be sharp so it didn't really fit the image.

This is the second logo that was produced. The sharp design fits the profile yet it just didn't shout as to either of us.

We then looked at it from a different approach and tried using the Zapfino font. It worked nicely and looked very clean on both the black and the white backgrounds. Yet Becky still thought it didn't fit the bill.

This was the final of the logos we came up with and to be honest both of us liked it the most. We thought it is bold, bright, and remember able which is pretty important.

Unfortunately I recently received an email from Becky saying that they had chosen to use a different logo to any of mine. This was a bit disappointing yet was a good little experience working with a client.

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